Panda's Pantry

Cookie Base

All of our cookies and cookie pops start their life as a mixture of oats, water, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and free range eggs. Nothing that isn't good for the dog, and good for the cookie, is added.


Tuna, arguably our most popular recipe, starts with the cookie base, which we then add tuna flakes to. The tuna does contain some salt, to help keep it fresh, which is worth noting if your dog needs to be careful with sodium levels.

Beef Liver

Beef liver is full of nutrients, with high levels of various vitamins, and a good amount of iron. These are made with the base plus boiled beef liver, together with its stock.


Cookie base with added poached salmon fillets and home made stock.

Chicken Liver

If you want to feed your dog liver, but beef is too rich, this is a great tasting alternative. Boiled chicken liver and stock is added to the cookie base.

Lamb Liver

Stronger smell and flavour than chicken liver, but not quite as rich as beef liver. Boiled lamb liver and stock is added to the cookie base..

Peanut Butter

Most dogs are huge fans of peanut butter, which contains essential nutrients that can benefit your dog's coat and overall health. Peanut butter is all that is added to the cookie base.

Peanut Butter & Banana

If your dog has a sweet tooth, this is a great alternative to unhealthy treats that contain lots of sugar. Peanut butter and ripe bananas are added to the cookie base.


Originally brought in for Christmas, but kept because the dogs like them so much! A leaner meat if you're looking for a leaner treat. Cookie base plus boiled turkey mince with its stock.


Cookie base with boiled chicken breast meat and home made stock.


Cookie base with boiled beef mince and home made stock.


Cookie base with boiled lamb mince and home made stock.

Sardines in Olive Oil

Cookie base with sardines and olive oil.


Cookie base with whole mackerel added.

Cat treats

Chicken Liver & Turkey

These get the benefits of the chicken liver, with the flavour of turkey to bring an extra bit of interest for your cat.

Tuna & Cheese

Two of the obvious cat treats in one, tuna together with cheese, these are the most popular with our cats. They contain enough cheese to add flavour, without being loaded with excess fat.

Ham & Soft Cheese

The cats go crazy when either ham or soft cheese come out the fridge, and even still like it once it's been made into a healthy treat!

Lamb Liver

This one's a fairly basic recipe, but some of our cats prefer it to even the tuna and cheese.

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